Monday, May 2, 2011

The Band Makes the Alumni Review

As we try to keep track of our long and illustrious history, we get to bring you some recent history (as well as the ways that the band continues to be a vibrant part, and supporter, of Williams culture and spirit).

For those who didn't know, Williams got a new president this school year. And so, this year's convocation doubled as an induction ceremony for President Falk. Like every year, the band showed up to honor those in our community. We also happened to make the the Alumni Review's article, featured below. I've put up the whole thing (plus a link to a larger image in you click on any below) in case you want to read it for yourself (the whole Alumni Review issue can be found here). We show up on the forth page, with Connor, Teddy, and Rigo.

Monday, October 16, 2006

MMMMMB Featured by Boston Globe

Well, okay, technically it's the football game that was featured, but the band got a good bit of coverage too! There's an article and a slideshow.

Also check out the new photos from the Middlebury game.